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Applications for Laser Cutting
An economic advantage: Laser cutting is an advantageous technology choice. A
careful evaluation of the features of the most suitable cutting system guarantees
optimum results in the following aspects:
reduction of total work times;
increase in production quality.
The technological advantage
Laser cutting is, above all, precise, clean and silent.
The beam can be focalized on an extremely small area (from 0.01 to 1mm in diameter)
The area in proximity to the cut edge has a very low heat alteration. Moreover, the laser
cut has the capacity of operating on complex profiles and with very small rays of
Unlike water and traditional cutting systems, light exerts no mechanical pressure on the piece

The laser is a non-contact instrument that guarantees:
total absence of mechanical pressure on the piece;
absence of wear in the instrument;
cutting capability independent of hardness of the material; capability of cutting coated
or surface treated materials.
Laser cutting also has a high degree of automation and flexibility able to offer:
ease of integration with other automated systems;
very high trimming capability;
capability of adapting immediately to changes in production requirements.
In many cases, laser cutting can produce finished pieces that do not require further
processing (polishing, de-burring, finishing etc.)

Laser has found a wide range of uses in the field of plastic materials, above all thanks
to its capacity to cut complex shapes at high speeds with the absence of stress and
deformation of the items. It also allows for clean cutting of thermoplastic materials with
shiny edges. Good performances are also obtained with
polyesters and
even though at times for certain polymers there is a slight layer of
carbon elements along the cutting edge. By paying particular attention to the reduction
of vapours it is also possible to cut various types of compound materials with excellent
results thanks to the precision and extremely small focussing area of the laser beam.
Kevlar, multiplayer materials in carbon fibre and various compounds pre-impregnated
prior to the polymerisation can also be cut using special techniques at extremely high
speeds. Natural and synthetic rubber with thicknesses of up to 20 mm can also be cut.

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